Bitcoin No Deposit Casinos

Gambling sites are perpetually diversifying and adding new features to keep gaming fun and potentially profitable.

Until the arrival of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin (BTC), real money was the only currency available for making payments at online casinos and sportsbooks.

However, as the popularity of cryptocurrency soared, Bitcoin started becoming more widely accepted. As a result, the online gambling industry was among the first to embrace this relatively new form of payment.

Today, almost all top Australian gambling sites - be it a casino or a sportsbook - accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and betting.

This article will examine some general aspects of Bitcoin zero-deposit bonus offers and things players need to pay attention to before claiming them.

No Deposit Bonuses - The Basics

No deposit bonus offers are promotions where the online casino credits players with extra cash, free spins, or something else without requiring a deposit.

That means that after the signup process, new Australian users can receive a freebie without placing any money into their account.

Bitcoin No Deposit Bonuses - What Are They?

A deposit-free Bitcoin bonus is a standard no deposit deal players receive when choosing Bitcoin as their preferred payment.

However, online sportsbooks that offer BTC zero-deposit bonus deals usually credit money as Bitcoin simply because there are no slot machines in sports gambling. Hence, there can be no free spins.

Bitcoin bonus offers are more common than you think. A 'Bitcoin no deposit bonus' is a loose term and can be a bit confusing as it is somewhat ambiguous. Let's explain. Say a regular Australian casino site has a $20 no deposit welcome offer for new customers. That money is awarded regardless of which payment option the customer chooses. Whether PayPal, Neteller, or Bitcoin, the money is in the bag. But if Bitcoin is the deposit method, that effectively makes the $20 no deposit offer a no deposit Bitcoin bonus.

The no deposit offer doesn't necessarily have to be money credited in the form of Bitcoin. Many Australian no deposit online casinos, for instance, have no deposit free spins that are also awarded regardless of which payment method the players choose. But if the user picks Bitcoin, that fits the definition of a 'Bitcoin no deposit bonus.' Since BTC is your chosen payment, and the free spins are given as a bonus, it's in and of itself a zero-deposit Bitcoin deal, awarded as free spins.

Then again, BTC zero-deposit bonuses can be more customized and Bitcoin-specific, meaning only the use of Bitcoin makes the player eligible to claim the prize. These no deposit bonuses can be either free spins, chips, or credited funds. This type of no deposit deal is characteristic of gambling sites that operate exclusively with cryptocurrency.

How to Deposit?

Assuming players know how to work with Bitcoin, to claim their Bitcoin no deposit funds/spins, they must first have a Bitcoin wallet set up.

Next, players need to register an account with a specific website that offers a Bitcoin deposit-free promos. During or after the registration is completed, select Bitcoin as your payment and the particular Bitcoin wallet. If your wallet isn't on the list, there should be an 'Other' option. You should then receive a unique BTC deposit address and copy it when you log in to your BTC wallet. Finally, select from your wallet the amount you want to deposit, log out, and check your account on your newly registered casino account.

The account balance should have the value of your deposit displayed both in BTC and fiat currency.

The Value of Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus Offers

While the Bitcoin no deposit bonuses often involve crediting money to a user's account, the bonus is usually gratis spins.

As for the amount of credit or the number of free spins, it's honestly anyone's guess. Bonus offers and promotions are set by the casino and can be identical, similar, or completely different from site to site. Let's take a look at a few examples.

If you are browsing for a new gambling site with a BTC no deposit deal, you can expect to find offers like 25 no deposit free spins bonus on specific slot games. Or, for instance, 2BTC + 100 free spins or a $20 no deposit converted to Bitcoin.

Just note, when you see an offer like 6BTC or 4BTC, it does not mean you're getting four Bitcoin. That would be unreasonable given that one BTC is worth around $40,000.

Instead, what sites likely mean is 6 or 4 millibitcoin (mBTC), which is a small fraction of a Bitcoin's worth as 1mBTC is around $40.

Why Are Zero-Deposit Deals so Attractive?

One of the reasons Australian casino sites offer BTC no deposit bonuses is to attract new players.

Bitcoin deposit-free bonuses are also offered to encourage players to use BTC or other cryptocurrencies to their advantage.

New players who want to stay anonymous and dodge the administrative hassles of third-party payment services like Visa and MasterCard can do so by using Bitcoin or other potential crypto offered. BTC is a decentralized currency and payment system, meaning governmental or financial institutions do not govern it, and users are not required to share too much personal information. As a result, online punters greatly appreciate the ability to stay anonymous.

Moreover, BTC is also one of the fastest and most secure payment options anywhere, despite being shrouded by a cloud of controversy.

The value of the no deposit bonus is itself reason enough to create a new casino account. Who doesn't want a freebie, right? Plus, it gives tech-savvy but still-inexperienced players the chance to learn the ins and outs of crypto gambling.

Suffice to say, a no deposit deal can be both fun and potentially rewarding, given that players can use freebies to win real money prizes.

Finally, no deposit bonuses are a unique way to earn real Bitcoins since mining coins isn't as profitable as it was since the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed several years back.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus Rules

Before players opt-in for the no deposit Bitcoin bonus, they must read the casino site's bonus rules and terms.

While by definition 'free,' no deposit deals can have several requirements or rules that have to be consented to and met before players can claim them.

For instance, the site may require that no deposit extra spins or credit funds be used strictly on specific slot machines.

Additionally, players should expect the site to limit the potential winnings they can withdraw from their no deposit bonuses.

Before claiming a no deposit bonus codes reward via Bitcoin, players must ensure that Bitcoin use is allowed in their country.

Where to Find Bitcoin No Deposit Bonuses?

Of course, to get a BTC no deposit offer, one must first find a site that offers it.

Luckily, no deposit bonuses are not that hard to come by.

As we indicated, virtually any site with a no deposit bonus offer and Bitcoin as a payment option, in essence, has a no deposit BTC bonus. You can browse our site to find the online casinos with some of the best Bitcoin bonus deals, and even have a look at some exclusive mobile bonuses without deposit required.